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finally for you this woman will cry if she wants to. >> what do you want to play, george? >> a woman is in tears all because she just saw the movie les miserables. she was so moved by the hit movie she just can't stop
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crying. >> oh, my. i can't think about it anymore. (male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. tonight at eight. rainshowers soaked all parts of the bay. but as we take a look outside at our bay bridge camera. we see it might be tapering off. earlier in the day you could see the wet weather causing slick roads in marin. now let's send it over to brian who is tracking the first storm system of 2013! >> yes, that rainfall is still coming down a. we will see it taper off. through the tail end of this system.
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the live look at the stormtracker for a steady stream rainfall. notice, offshore the showers are also breaking up. moderate shower activity through oakland, san leandro. the orange indicating a been a more concentration on key 580, the >> through downtown the san jose, milpitas. heavier rainfall. to the 680, the aide we are getting a heavy shower at this time and to the north bay. the rain is starting to dissipate with petaluma towards the santa rosa some drier conditions. showers will be decreasing traces in some areas but those numbers of sharp increase. one-third of 1 in.
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in santa rosa, san rafeal. for tonight, the rainfall is what we can see on the cemetery bridge. a some slack roadways. with a transition to showers on/off on later. showers will also continue. we're heading live outside to san rafael. that's where we find kron 4's jeff bush. checking in on how the rain is affecting residents in the north bay. >> this rainfall started about midafternoon. >> reporter: it has been a grey the drive was a wet one with windshield wipers on the entire way. the skies were gray this road in mill valley was starting to flood. with derrik to set up
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by caltran. you can see the water was high enough to reach the top of the curb. shop owners were not taking any chances. nearly every downtown store had a san backs. take a look it this creek just moderate. with fairly low levels. several water had formed an drivers made their way through the destinations. not that many tests ipedestrians. but many people were using however, this steady rainfall cover the road with a thin layer of water. back out here live i can tell you that the rainfall is still coming down in marin county. basically, cold, wet and rainy. jeff bush, kron 4 >a petaluma community is
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in mourning after the body of a missing teen is found days later. 19-year-old alyssa byrne died after attending a new year's eve music festival. the teenager's body was found this morning at south lake tahoe. police say she may have lost her way in the dark and froze to death with temperatures going as low as zero degrees faherenheit. kron 4's alecia reid we petaluma community to see how residents are coping with the loss. >> as they walked to the door there were a mystery to the donation box. they kept coming and one after another. if >> is a tragedy, it is awful and it is a terrible loss to the community. >> this girl was just starting her beautiful life she was so young. >> reporter: and honor, this revenue 10 percent will go towards the association for the foundation for
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missing and exploited children. >> reporter: this money is for funeral expenses and will go straight to the family. >> we were scared just knowing that she was out there and we did not know where she was. >> we are honored to be involved in anything that we can do to offset their grief. >> this is her child hood day care friend. she was in the lake tahoe when it happened to her >> i wish just a couple of miles away. it was truly heartbreaking. i cannot even put into words. >> reporter: she was very popular and well rounded. >> she played basketball when my husband was coaching basketball on a girl's abreast of all team and elementary school. it is
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tragic. >> we lost a beautiful child who was starting her life. >> reporter: alecia reed, kron 4 purify public health officials say an outbreak of norovirus in a north bay senior center is starting to wain. dozens of residents and staff have been sickened. and two elderly patients have died. kron-4's jeff pierce has more from mill valley. >> reporter: the redwoods senior residential care facility in mill valley suffered an outbreak of the contagious norovirus that sent six residents to the hospital and contributed to the deaths of two others. with as many as fifty nine other residents sickened with the virus since december 24th the facility has curtailed activities and restricted food services. >> people don't eat in the dining room at all. food is brought to their rooms. >> all activities are cancelled. >> reporter: residents at the redwoods who enjoyed days filled with activities are now virtually quarentined. >> almost hourly during the day interesting group discussions or physical
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activity so there was much happening there and now there's nothing happening. >> reporter: while that sense of isolation has been troubling it may have held the outbreak in check. >> we didn't eat in the dining room we'd eat in our own apartments and so therefore we had less chance of getting the virus. >> reporter: norovirus is a gastrointestinal disease that causes nausea, vomitting, stomach cramps and other flu like symptoms that can result in dangerous dehydration for elderly patients who may already have additional health issues. >> it's just a little scary because the symptoms of the virus are not pleasant, but i've been so far fortunate. >> reporter: but eighty nine year old gordan anderson remains philosophical. >> as long as i can go to starbucks i'm all right. >> reporter: in mill valley jeff pierce kron four news. more clues tonight. on what may have caused an explosion at the chevron refinery in richmond last
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august. kron four's philippe djegal joins us now with what investigators are looking into. philippe. >> reporter: vicki. federal investigators say chevron fire fighters responding to a small leak and fire before the big explosion. may have accidently punched a hole in the 40-year-old pipe that eventually failed in august. u-s chemical safety board investigators say they are examining the tools chevron fire fighters used to stop an intial small refinery leak and fire in richmond last august sixth investigators say the 40- year-old pipe that eventually sent a plume of gas and fire into the air was already in bad shape. over time, sulfur from the crude oil flowing through the pipe wore it down. but, the chemical safety board says it's found a gash on the pipe. that investigators say must have been done from the outside. investigators are looking into the possibility that while chevron fire fighters were responding to a smaller leak and fire. they may have accidently damaged the pipe. while ripping and tearing away at insulation. investigators say the bigger explosion may have still happened regardless of the
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puncture -- but that the damage could have played a role. the august eruption at the crude oil unit of the refinery blanketed neighborhoods with thick black smoke. thousands of people went to area hosiptals. with several medical complaints. including breathing problems. the crude oil unit damaged by the august fire is still shut down. but chevron says it hopes to have it back open sometime this year. a bicyclist was injured today in a collision with a san francisco muni bus. the accident happened shortly after two pm when the bicyclist swerved to avoid a car door that had opened up on geary street and ended up hitting a bus that was traveling alongside the rider. the person fell off their bike but was not run over by the bus according to a muni spokesman. the biker suffered unknown injuries and was transported to san francisco general hospital. vallejo police are offering a ten-thousand- dollar reward in connection with a christmas eve hit and run where the victim still remains in critical condition. the 54-year-old vallejo resident was
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crossing broadway street at hogan avenue around 5:20 pm when they were struck by a honda civic. the vehicle then fled the scene and has not been located. the car is described as a black two door civic which may have some damage like a broken right headlight. damaged hood. and possibly a broken windshield. the victim was taken to john muir hospital and remains in critical condition. is lance armstrong planning to make a public statement about his use of banned performance enhancing drugs? we'll tell you why he's about to change his story.
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the new york times is reporting that lance armstrong is considering making a public statement
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about his use of banned performance enhancing drugs. the report says that armstrong has told associates and anti-doping officials that he is considering a public confession. armstrong may be motivated to make a confession in order to persuade anti- doping officials to restore his eligibility and allow him to resume his career. however armstrong's lawyer tim herman says there is no ongoing discussions with the usada or david howman of the world anti-doping agency. the federal government has given california the ok to set up a health insurance exchange program. california is doing so - in order to comply with what's known as obama-care. kron 4's charles clifford explains how the exchange will work. >> reporter: california's healthcare exchange program is being called covered california. when it's eventually up and running , individuals, families and small businesses will be able to use covered california to purchase health insurance. later this year, a covered california website will go online. a test version is scheduled to launch in june. the site will list the health provider plans, rates and coverage options that are available through the exchange there will also be 2 health savings account
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plans to choose from as well as information on medi-cal and other government run programs. the idea behind the exchange is to help people who might not otherwise be able to afford health insurance, get coverage. through the website, applicants will also learn if they are eligible for government subsidies to help pay for insurance people who don't qualify for a subsidy, or those who choose not to use covered california, will still be able to purchase coverage plans directly from insurance providers. now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about covered california. exactly which health insurance providers will be included and what the rates of different plans will be... hasn't been decided yet. the state is also still working on building the infrastructure for the program, things like buying computers and hiring staff. if all goes well, open enrollment will begin in october with benefits kicking in january 1st, 2014. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. fifth a gra >> and a gray day with not much bloo--not much blue
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skies. however, we have seen some of breaks of rainfall but fremont, milpitas hitting a bit heavier on the 680/880. he's a bit heavier in the highway 1 0 1. it-a bit heavier in the east shore, also from alameda, san leandro, similar rental, he word. this is moving to the east with moderate/heavy from tunnel. from the panel area and a bit heavier from tunnekenne pan
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pinole andlheelsburg this is making its way into the central valley of. this steady rainfall will be going into shower activity for tonight and tomorrow. notice this shower activity off shore. it will keep the rain and going intermittently for most of the morning hours. but we could see some improvements. they live look at the golden gate it is wet for tonight. gusting 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. showers early tomorrow. sunshine and warmer weather. highs in the mid '60s. in the meantime, we still have rainfall. by 10:00 p.m.. the polk of the rainfall is in
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the east but notice it is breaking up to the west. that is what we're going to have for the overnight hours. the--both of our rainfall. -some of those shot worse with the bal the balaseason on monday decent on monday. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. even warmer and some changes on wednesday with the chance of light rain on wednesday. if you've ever had it, you know there's nothing worse have the fda is hoping to stop food born illnesses before they get to your
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food borne illnesses. with wisteria --wisteria and cantaloupe. and a salmonella. listeria-
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gets to your plate. as athena jones reports, the f-d-a is working on new rules that could save *hundreds of lives every year. these guidelines will not be final until of government will approve funding for the fta.fda....
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one police department facing excessive force claims. even after the suspect bit up. and avoiding the impromptu bonfires around the bay area. >> also this rainfall for tonight how much longer we can expect this.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. dispite comments on facebook this is not the stanford mascot passed out and it's not the latest version of a tree grows in brooklyn but one poster was right it's a tree kicked to the curb, in fact it's that time of year again where relics of christmas pass haunt us because everywhere you look old christmas tree are taking up residence around the bay like this tree which appears to be waiting for a phone call on folsom street . over at alice griffith housing projects discarded trees are being removed as quickly as possible to avoid them being set ablaze most cities have a policy for holiday tree removal, the last time i checked. no where does it say take to the nearest corner and dump it in san francisco your tree should go out on your reggular trash day but with a few restrictions first off if the tree is
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flocked it cannot be recycled. the same goes for decorations and plastic tree stands and if the tree is more than 6 feet tall it must be cut in half but you only have till january 11 in berkeley if the tree is 7 feet tall it has to be cut in half however their restriction are a little more relaxed i can bet you that in the coming days you will see discarded trees everywhere and some will be there until the summer like urban tumbleweeds and did i mention they are a fire hazard, yup people set them ablaze and the wind blows the embers everywhere whatever city you live in please check out how to dispose of your tree oh and for gods sake don't shove it your fire place in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at petaluma pulls together after a young girl's body is found near lake tahoe. coming up, how friends and
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family are hoping to help other missing or lost children. plus.outrage in one small town.where the accused rapists are high school football players. and the big quake that hit off the coast of alaska this morning. why a tsunami warning was issued as far away as hawaii. details next.
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we continue our team coverage on the missing petaluma teenager whose body was just found yesterday near south lake tahoe. alyssa byrne's body was found only about a mile from where she was attending a music festival new year's eve. byrne and some friends were staying at a hotel in state- line nevada. it appears byrne chose to walk from the music festival back to the resort. authorities believe she made a wrong turn and froze to death. her body wasn't found until days later because of snow banks as tall as ten feet tall along the area. the petaluma community is putting on two fund raisers to pay tribute to 19-year- old alyssa byrne. the first wraps up at nine
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tonight. kron 4's mike pelton shows us where the money is going. >> reporter: friends and strangers came here to this 'beyond the glory'.. with a 10% going to be center for missing children and exploited children. they've also put out a donation box for familie the family. >> i think that this situation is terrible and all aspects. i feel like just trying to help another family not having to go through this would be the best for everybody. >> a second fund-raiser is called tomorrow tomorrowpongo's tap.. the community of steubenville ohio is outraged over the recent
8:32 pm
release of new information and images in a rape case involving an underage girl and two high school football players. we go now to susan candiotti for a closer look at the case as the two sides prepare for trial. >> welcome to stubenville. >> "the world is watching! the world is watching!" hundreds gathered outside the jefferson county courthouse saturday to expr ess their feelings about the alleged rape of an underaged girl at a series of back-to-school parties in august. with a rally cry that evil triumphs when good men do nothing, some protesters are urging that the two football players accused get no special treatment. however, steubenville city officials are defending the way the investigation has been handled. >> issue was unresponsive
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and let us be clear that they knew that she was strong.drunk however, this incriminating text message allegedly from the victim says " she said a texas says " i know that you did not read me ". >> to you have that text message? >> yes. >> this attorney will not confirm the possession of the text message. >> she will not know weather or not she was raped. she was unconscious. also, weather or not the defendants were trying to defend her or build up a
8:34 pm
defense after realizing. as this was unfolding. >> this was an all-night partying on august 11th. on august 14th, the investigation starts. and this text message is sent. >> there is testimony from a probable cause in october from a player that was there that night. and he testified that your client, pardon the language used his fingers to sexually patrick her. did that happen? >> that did not happen.
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four people are dead in aurora colorado early this morning. police arrived on scene at around three in the morning to find a gunman had barricaded himself inside his home. man failed. a gunfight insued. forcing police to storm the building. the swat team entered the house. three other people inside the home who had already theater only four miles away a florida woman is thanking god that she is alive after escaping her home without a scratch after a small plane crashed into her house friday afternoon. susan crockett says that her only injury was a small bruise from jumping through a window as the plane crashed into her home. the pilot of the small plane had reported engine trouble and was attempting to divert the flight when the plane went down. all three people on board were killed in the crash. crockett. the only person in the home at the time. was more lucky. i was getting ready to leave. getting to run some errands and a something said stop. and i said was and i
8:36 pm
stopped. the plane hit the house. bloo bloom that is sort f have to stop. the investigation into what a seven-point-five magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of alaska early this morning. a tsunami warning was issued for parts of western canada and southeastern alaska. but the warning was soon cancelled. at this point there has been no reports of any serious damage. people in hawaii are on alert for unusually large waves and strong currents because of the quake. the seattle police department is now facing an excessive force lawsuit over the arrest of an 18-year-old man which was all caught on camera. on december 29th 2010 the seattle police department discovered a suspicious vehicle. locked with its engine running. outside a department store. isaac ocak came outside to claim the car but officers were concerned when they found out he was not the owner of the vehicle. while attempting to detain ocak he began resisting
8:37 pm
arrest and even bit an officer. that's when the situation escalated. the entire incident is now being investigated and could take several months. in virginia. one lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would make abortions based on gender. against the law. peggy fox takes a look at the controverisal measure. >> as feminists are born to walk down a. rohnert.- are goino walk down the road. this is based that the gender based abortions could be happening. >> we cannot have a society tolerating the killing just because of the fact of the are of the " wrong sex " to. that is ludicrous.
8:38 pm
>> even though they cannot gender based abortion but they say that this is just bad policy. >> it put doctors in a very precarious situation. they have to be mind readers and agents of the states. and it really violates the di paul patient the doctor relationship. the doctor who performs the abortion could be charged with a class 4 felony which were carried 10 years in prison. >> 10 years in prison? >> yes, killing the person that is not even enough. >> that is not what this is about this is intimidating doctors. and intimidating women to choose that was peggy fox reporting. abortions is already illegal in arizona. in world news.
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seven children are dead after a fire swept through an orphanage in central china. a government spokesperson says the fire broke out friday morning at the home in lankao county in the henan province. it took firefighters about two hours to put out the fire. they ran into problems because the water tap near the house had frozen up. eight children were rescued. and are now living in a temporary shelter. how the fire started is under investigation. venezuela's national assembly has re-elected a hugo chavez loyalist to another term as speaker. a man who could potentially fill in for the ailing president. chavez is due to renew his oath this week. but is said to be severley ill. and may not be able to. if the inauguration is delayed. the vice president or the pro-chavez legislative leader could temporarily assume the presidency. chavez is reportedly suffering complications from cancer surgery last month. many of his supporters spent the day in caracas rallying for his recovery. >> it is a wet saturday night to. stormtracker 4 is showing this steady rain off to the east and the central valley. still, pockets of
8:40 pm
heavy areas. this band of showers over the santa cruz mountains is also going to the south bay in the next 30 minutes. as of right now we have a dry conditions for the western portion of the santa clara valley. still, through milpitas and fremont. it gets a little bit heavier through the san ramon valley. you can see the yellow/moderate and even heavy in some areas on the interstate 680. it is moving north bound towards concord, walnut creek. and heavier towards moderate mirror downtown your field. and towards travis base and
8:41 pm
vacaville. the transition from showers tonight with the camera lens showing shower activity. gusting winds, 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. with persistent wind. with breaks of sunshine possible and the increase in sunshine for leader afternoon. a warmer weather is coming up. >> this family a family re- union that almost wasn't. next up, how one quick thinking dad helped two boys re-unite with their worried mom. >> facebook using voip...
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two georgia boys are reunited with their mother. after police say they were abducted by their father. who took them to texas. the boys were found safe in a motel in austin. thanks in part to the keen eye of a man who was in town to see his own son. he told his story to melanie torre. >> we are so grateful. >> this father saw this plea from the smaller on cnn. what happened next. >> i saw those two children and i know that they all look similar but when i drove behind the truck i saw the georgia license plates. a little bit of a red flag came up. >> he saw the photographs on
8:45 pm
his phone but he needed more confirmation. he went inside the hotel. and i just past the agent he says his two kidnapped cent sons. if i were you i would call 911. >> john waited and while he was arrested he took the bal w the boys into lobby if caliphs and and my namn lacy. your sons are here and a part in the lobby and they are just falling accuratthey wet fine. they have been told by their father that she was in a hospital and that they could not see her. >> it was meant to be. god
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had a grand these outlyin . already illegal in arizona. one of the oldest watering holes in san francisco - finding new digs after being booted. coming up, an emotional resurrection of the famous gold dust lounge - is this week's dine and dish. >> this shower activity continues..
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>> out iwith the old an d in with the new.. this was shut down this year but it started serving a alcohol in
8:49 pm
1933. >> something old and new. >> this proud son is taking over the business for his parents. >> they will continue the legacy. >> and one thing is that you have to try to keep it as close to the original. >> the first is not as large as the reproduction. and the ceiling murals will be recreated and the best part will be the same. >> the same drink specials, and irish coffee at $3.50 and champagne at $3.50 this is at fisherman's wharf where there is no shortage of tourists. it is right next to ripley's believe it or not.
8:50 pm
>> take a look at this golden gate bridge. with a lot of low costs and fogging and grains. low-line fog and ran .... still, pockets of heavy rainfall with a band moving to the santa cruz mountains. and even towards the peninsula. the south bay is seeing some improvements. towards the bay, san francisco, oakland, hayward. we are still seeing some showers toward walnut creek, clayton. for the north bay it has been relatively dry. there rainfall has tapered off. for the napa valley, still a bit heavy and steady
8:51 pm
towards fairfield and vacaville. as we take a look at the wider shot it is going towards the central valley and the sierras. half hotspots a shower activity tonight and tomorrow and possible clearing for tomorrow, monday and tuesday. looking better with warmer weather. this live look at the san mateo bridge rainfall is tapering off with a little bit later. the futurecast. with lots of spotty showers rolling through overnight. and look for it to showers on/off. as we go for the late morning degreasing showers with increasing sunshine. breaks
8:52 pm
of sunshine with temperatures in the morning will be in the 30's. look for highs in the mid '50s. with a look at your seven day around the bay a bit of a warm-up. afternoon sunshine and look at high temperatures. mid-60s. by wednesday another cold day with the increase in light rain. we will watch for cooler weather with highs in the 50s and temperatures only in the 20's and 30's. gabe slate tech report it looks like facebook is getting into beef v i o p with phone calls over the internet being tested in canada. launched the facebook mobile application. this would be using your
8:53 pm
phone the but it would not be using your cellphone minutes. this is the use of internet technologies instead of your cellphone minutes. there is also a another feature. this would replace voice mail, forever. it is a new feature after running an update for the messenger you will be about to send a voice message. simply tap the plus sign and tap record and hold down the record button. >> it is really nice outside let us go running after work. >> when your ready to send. it will send it and you can
8:54 pm
cancel the message had here in his how it looks. this new voice message will appear as if it is a text message. i was surprised by the quality of the audio message. it sounded as good if not better i like this featured many people get tired of typing on our phones this is a nice alternative. gabe slate tech report coming up. a crooked kitty caught carrying contraband. where police say jail inmates trained a cat to smuggle in tools. to help tunnel to freedom. take a look at this.
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8:57 pm
>> brazilian police catch a crooked kitty red-pawed. trying to help inmates bust out of jail. by smuggling in tools. police say they found the cat outside the alagoas jail with saws and drills attached to its body. they belive one or a few of the inmates trained the cat to deliver mobile phones and other tools they needed to tunnel out of the building. all 263 people incarcerated are considered suspects. >> the warriors are in action against the clippers. the clippers are leading. 67-43. it is surprising that they are at the top of the western conference. the hope
8:58 pm
springs is eternal. >> showers? >> yes conditions will be looking a lot better. we will see you at 11:00 p.m.
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